Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Task 1

Get to know how blogging works:

"Comment" on this post and write about one thing from your own culture that is typically American / German for you. This could be a thing, a certain behaviour, a place, or anything else. Then explain in about 50 words why you think it is typical.


  1. Hi!

    In my opinion typically for Germany and especially for the German men is the love to their cars. For some Germans their car is even a kind of friend and nobody can really explain why the Germans have such a "relationship" to their vehicle. Perhaps it`s caused by the very high prices for cars or it`s due to the well-known German auto brands like BMW or Mercedes. Anyway, this is a slightly carzy attribute of the Germans. How do the Americans deal with their cars?

  2. Michael Ballack, Sebastian Schweinsteiger - they are well-known soccer-players in germany and also in other countries.
    That's typical for the german - the infatuation about soccer.
    They are so crazy, especially about watching but also about playing and listening on the radio(if there's really no chance of watching!!).
    A lot of the german men are actually in fanclubs of their favourite soccer-team, for example they're a member of the fc-bayern-fanclub.

    ..Tell me, what are the Americans so crazy about? ;)

  3. Hello.
    Just like in Germany, Americans are crazy about their cars,and sports. On holidays like Christmas, you can expect to watch an American football game. Also, the cars that you drive say a lot about your home, and job. Football is fun to watch and cars are fun to drive. All ages can participate in a game of football, but you have to be at least sixteen to be able to drive legally.

  4. Americans are pretty crazy in general. We like our sports, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. We're also all about our electronics. We constantly are on our cell phones, laptops, computers, and using our i-pods. That is something else we Americans love, our music. Everybody was devastated last year when some of the biggest icons in music, died.

  5. American culture is a little crazy. Its all about food and football. Every Sunday restaurants and bars are full of football fans who want to cheer on their team. During the superbowl, evryone has to have snacks for watching the game. Football fans are so crazy that they get dressed up head to toe with their team's attire. Are soccer fans that crazy?

  6. American's are so unorganized its pretty ridiculous. Sad to say but yes its true most of us are unorganized. It's very typical for American's to be unorganized. Most try to come up with excuses but most excuses that people make up are pretty lame. American's say they are to busy but in reality most are just lazy.

  7. HI!
    McDonald's, Pizza Hut- these are fast food places, and restaurants. Going out to eat is what most Americans go crazy for. We all love to go eat somewhere together. We would just get the food and talk. In my opinion this is what Americans go crazy for.
    A lot of teens actually go to eat everyday. Which is not the best cause the fast food places and restaurants don't have the healthiest food.I personally don't like to go eat out that often.
    ......Do teens in Germany go out to eat often?

  8. hi guys,

    i thought a lot about what is typically german...
    and i really would agree with your opinions,
    especially rupert`s comment about the germans` "realtionship" to their cars.foreign people often are surprised of the german streets and highways.germany spends a lot of money for keeping the streets in good and clean condition.
    germans don`t like it when their cars get dirty. if you want to enter the car of my uncle e.g.,a big fat BMW,you have to put on your slippers!!!!!!:D
    bye for now,

  9. i had to laugh when I saw the thing about eating... :) In Germany, especially in Bavaria every sunday we have our cooked meal and it's great. I think it's very very typical for Germany :) It's like a meeting poin for the whole family, where we talk and discuss the week or what we still have to do. The worst thing is the washing up afterwords :D:D:D:D:D haha
    So if you are thinking of going out with a german guy... check your cooking skills first :D:D haha

  10. Jessie,
    You mean you spend everyday having family meals together? My family personally doesn't do that often, we are too busy. I don't think I would cook for a guy, he can make his own food hahaha.

  11. Jesse,
    Your family must be pretty close. My family and I are very close. We have dinner with each other every night. Sometimes we go out for dinner, but mostly we eat a home cooked meal.

  12. During the weekdays, my family tries to all eat dinner together but rarely does it happen. My family is always going different directions, especially since all 8 people in my family can drive except for my two little sisters. On the weekends mostly we will get a nice dinner in before we all go out with our friends.

  13. I like Jessica's response. It even made me laugh a little. Here on Sundays we usually go out to eat with our friends and we just hang out. I personally never knew that in Germany people get together to talk about the upcoming week. We usually never talk about the upcoming week, but its still nice to find what people in Germany do on weekends.