Montag, 18. Januar 2010



Thanks to MTV, frustrated parents will once again get the chance to kick
their kid's loser boyfriends and girlfriends to the curb!

MTV gives parents a chance to interfere in their children's relationship. Do you think parents know who's the best choice for their child? Should they play match makers? If not where do you think do people find their true soulmates these days?


  1. Hey guys !

    I LOVE watching Parental Control :)
    How can people split up from their "so called" big love in front of millions and millions of people for somebody they only know one day ??!
    Apart from the fact that I think it's all manipulated I think it's soooo amusing to watch!
    The parents trying to control their childrens life. If my parents wouldn't like my boyfriend I wouldn't really care. If you love him it's all that counts. Your parents can not tell you who you should go out with.. you can't controll love and parents aren't very good at picking out girl or boyfriends !! haha
    ok, if you have parents who look, act and think like 20 year old partypeople you might but only might have a chance of getting a great partner... picked by your parents :D:D
    So my "normal" opinion: parents playing match makers >> NO WAY !!!
    They come from an other gerneration... they share other opinions as their kids !
    I believe in faith. Everybody will sooner or later find their true love.. it can take years and years but you'll find it.
    I share the opinion, that you shouldn't look for it.. your true love will appear in the places who would never think of.. even if its just a street, a train station or a BUS STOP ! :)
    uff I've written a lot but I like that kind of discussion. What's your opinion on this all ??
    Do you like watching MTV's Parental Control ??

    Jessie <3

  2. I have seen the show Parental Control a few times and I think it's ridiculous that parents try to match up their children, this isn't the 1800's. And the show doesn't even change the couples mind, the girl/guy always picks their old boyfriend/girlfriend anyways. I know I would, why would I chose some stranger over my boyfriend? If he's my boyfriend then I see something in him, and if my parents don't then that's too bad.

  3. Jessie-
    I really do agree with everything that you said,pretty much. :) Parental control is so much fun to watch. I agree that it's really weird how you could leave someone that you've been with for however long for someone that you just met and have had one date with. However, I also think that maybe if your parents see something terrible in the person that you're dating then they probably can see what you don't. Dating other people might help you to see how much that person you have been with forever drives you literally insane. The people that your parents pick out may not be the right one for you, but they can make you realize something. But whatever ha ha, because after all it is just a t.v show and is plotted out and played by actors, in my opinion it's fake. Although, we do share the same thought in the fact that everyone will eventually find someone who they can spend the rest of their life with. Doesn't matter where you meet that person, doesn't matter if your parents approve or disapprove, if you love that person, you just can't help it.

    -Meghan (:

  4. Hello..
    I personally have never seen Parental Control before. Never before have a heard of the match makers game.LOL. I kinda don't agree with the thing that parents don't know who's best for you.I think you should always listen to your parents advise cause they know what's best for you. I love how you said that we just have to wait for it. I soooo agree.

  5. I have never seen the show Parental Control but it sounds stupid. I personaly think that parents have no idea who the right person would be for you. I think that parent should have their opinion about a person but they shouldn't try to pick someone for their child.

  6. Hi!
    I have only seen a few minutes of "Parental Control", but I think it`s a quiet stupid shop. As Jessie already said, most of the content is manipulated and so this show doesn`t represent the reality. I also agree with Austin, as I think the opinion of your parents is pretty important, because they only want the best for you. However they shouldn`t choose your girl- or boyfriend.

  7. heej guys...
    wow,you`ve all written a lot...
    I would also agree with jessie, but i don`t really like watching that show as often.
    I think that all those dating shows on mtv are manipulated, but of course I`ve already watched a bit..i think everybody is watching some of that tv-shows sometimes although they`re so bad`s really funny to see it how stupid most of that situations are.
    in my opinion it`s really daffy if your parents aren`t ok with your boyfriend or girlfriend and if they search 2 new partners for you.I mean, how silly is that if you are in a relationship and you have 2 dates on one day because of your parents and in the evening you should decide between that 3 people?!isn`t that kind of dull?I think so.your parents shouldn`t interfere in your relationship with your boy-or girlfriend,it`s your own choice!if my parents were against my boyfriend and i felt really in love with him,I would go away from home to get away from the trouble!;)
    that`s my opinion.
    by for now,lisa

  8. I have seen this show a few times. I think it's pretty stupid also. But you have to admit that you get a pretty good laugh from it too. I don't agree that adults/ our parents should be choosing our partners. Only to a certian extent do they know what is best for you, and what you like, but you in the end need to make the final decision. You know what you like, and if you are even going out with that person you must have seen something in them to begin with.